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      These ceramics vases are a direct result of my thoughts on location.  Growing up in Northwest Ohio, substantial hills and mountains are a rarity.  I currently live in Maryland, so the scenery along my drives and hikes have allowed me to witness the interplay between the land and the sky as well as how the landscape changes from month to month, mile by mile and hour by hour.  A recent trip to the San Juan Province in Argentina has solidified my interest in the landscape, as I was able to marvel and compare the dry, rocky foothills of the Andes to the constant flux of the Appalachians. The use of colored slips on the surface are meant to directly relate to the accumulation of layers of rock and sediment visible in the exposed earth as well as the way the rays of the sun look as it rises from and sets behind the rolling land.  These pieces are meant to be sculptural vessels to be valued for their formal aspects while also maintaining the ability to function as vases.

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